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Nowadays, everyone needs a phone spying app. The society we live in is not at all safe today. With the growth in technology, people are using various techniques to commit crimes. Most of the crimes are done through mobile phones and the internet.

You have to be very careful while using your phone. Adults can take care of themselves, but children don’t know about the risks associated with using the internet without any safety.

There are many people who share their numbers and pictures online. Although it looks cool in the beginning, it soon becomes the reason for all their troubles. You have to extreme care about the information you share on the internet.

Parents are the one who suffers a lot because of this. Children use their phones without any care in the world. Many children have fallen prey to all the crimes on the internet.

Free Mobile Spy App
Free Mobile Spy App

But now, you can use phone spying apps to keep an eye on the. It is a very important technology that helps you against online crimes. Spying apps are the need of the hour. But most of these apps are quite expensive. You have to either purchase these apps are paid monthly charges to use it.

People who have a limited budget cannot afford using a paid spying app. And most of the free spy apps are like click-baits. They don’t really work. But there is one free spying app you can use. This spying app is specially made for people with budget issues. It is a free spying app. Unless other apps, this app works properly.

About Free Mobile Spy

As the name goes, the Free Mobile Spy app helps you to spy for free. It is a phone spying app. You can use this app for spying on cell phones only. It does not support any other technology.


You can use this spying app for free without any charges. This app is compatible with both operating systems. You can use it with an android phone and iPhone. It even works on tablet and iPad.

This spy app helps you to spy in a discreet way. This app is undetectable. You can easily spy using this app, and the phone-user will not even come to know about it. It helps you to get all the information from the phone secretly.

Unlike other spying apps, this app is pretty easy to use. It has a simple navigation and control system. The user interface is very simple. You can easily use this app. There are no complicated systems. Anybody can use it without any prior training. It is made easy to use so that parents can use it without any support.

Free Mobile Spy keep stores all the information in an encrypted form. Your information is kept safe and private. You don’t have to worry about the trustworthiness of this app.

You can use multiple spying features in this app. There are many features so that parents can spy on different activities. You can use it to check calls, messages, and other important stuff from the cell phone.


10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

10+ Free Mobile Spy Features
10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

Free Mobile Spy has a multitude of free features. You can enjoy all these spy features for free. There are a variety of features to support total spying. You will get all the latest features.

Phone Calls

This feature helps you to spy on calls. You can spy on all types of calls using this option. You can check the call logs, type of each call, call duration, personal information, and time of the call.

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Another important feature you can use is a Keylogger. A Keylogger helps you to track the words the person type on the phone. It will record the history of the words and show them to you.

Media Files

You can check the media files on a phone. Moreover, you can check the image files and video files on the phone. moreover, you can open each image and check it. You can even play all the videos.

Spy on SMS

You will be able to record all the SMS. Moreover, you can check the incoming and outgoing SMS on the phone. You can check the message body and date and time. If there are any message media, you can check that too.

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This option helps you to track all the email activity. You can check the inbox and outbox to know what emails are being sent or received. You can check the email id of the person along with the email body.

Track Web History

You can also check the web history from a phone. Moreover, you can view all websites the person visits and what time they visit the site. You can check the time they spend on each site.

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Track Location

Free Mobile Spy also provides a location tracking option. You can use this feature to track the live location. Moreover, you can also check all the location history. You will get a complete address of the location as well.

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Messenger Apps

You can use this feature to spy on the messenger apps on the phone. If the person is using WhatsApp, Facebook, or Viber, you will be able to spy on the chats; you can also spy on the calls and other media they share on messenger apps.

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Social Media

You can spy on different types of social media platforms. You can spy on Facebook chats. Moreover, you can spy on Instagram chats. You can spy on Snapchat, etc. Moreover, you can even get the password using the Keylogger app. You can hack these platforms directly.

  • Alerts: You can use this spy app to get various alerts from the phone. You can add some numbers in alerts, so if there is a call or message from the number, you will get alerts. You can also set alerts for keywords in messages. If these words are used in messages, you will get alerts. You can also get alerts on certain locations. You can set alerts for SIM changes, etc.
  • Remote Control: You can control the phone remotely as well. You can block some numbers, add keywords, set geofencing, take a screenshot, record calls, record sounds, wipe data, block certain apps, block sites, etc.


Steps to Spy on Phone

Steps to Spy on Phone
Steps to Spy on Phone

This spy app is very easy to download and install. You can easily download and install it on the phone. If it is an android phone, you have to install the app physically. If it is an iPhone, you can install the app remotely.

Step 1: Download

If you choose an android phone, you have to follow a bit lengthy process. First, you have to download the app on the phone. Use the link from the site to download the right app.


Step 2: Setup Account

After that, install it and open it. Now, to connect the app with the account, sign in using your credentials after connection erases history and hides the app.

Step 3: Monitoring

You can directly login from your personal phone to check all the spying information. Use your credentials to log in. The login link is given on the site.

Why Need Free Spy App

Free Mobile Spy is a very important spy app. You can use this app for various purposes.

  • Parental Control: You can use the free spy app if you are a parent and finding it difficult to monitor your kids. If you are mostly working away, this app is best for keeping your control.
  • Protection: You can also use this app if you are paranoid about your kids or loved ones. This app helps you to track location and online activity. It is a perfect app to protect against kidnapping and other online crimes.
  • Employee Monitoring: It also helps you to monitor your employees effectively. If you are running a big or small organization, you have to deal with hundreds and thousands of employees. As you cannot keep an eye on each of them individually, you can use Free Mobile Spy to monitor them.


Free spy app is a one of a kind spy app. This app not only fits all the requirements of a basic spy app but is free to use. If you are new to spying or have a budget issue, you can try this app for free.

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