5 Methods To Find Lost Android Phone

5 Methods To Find Lost Android Phone

5 ways to track the location of a lost Android Phone

5 ways to track the location of a lost Android Phone
5 ways to track the location of a lost Android Phone

Today, cell phones are a thing that people carry in their pockets, or in their hands. These devices are able to store lots of important and personal data. Sometimes , these devices get stolen or lost. If your device is stolen lost, lost, misplaced or is stolen, this is one of the worst nightmares. There are many ways to track your lost Android Phone or iOS Device. Don’t be worried if you’ve lost your device. Learn more about this article for the best strategies to locate the lost Android device with just a few simple steps.

Part 1: How to track the online location of a lost phone on Android

Part 2 Tracking the location of the location of a lost Android phone using Google Account (Google Map).

Part 3: How do find the location of a lost Android phone using the IMEI number?

Part 4: How to track the lost Android phone using Android Device Manager

Part 5: How to Track Lost Android Phone with Find My Device

Part 1. The most effective method of tracking an Android phone that has been lost online

Part 1. The most effective method of tracking an Android phone that has been lost online
Part 1. The most effective method of tracking an Android phone that has been lost online

TheTruthSpy allows you to track your phone’s location and track it online. It was created to aid parents monitor their children’s activities on the internet. It can be used on any device that runs either the Android or iOS operating system. To gain complete access to your monitored Android device, simply install TheTruthSpy application. TheTruthSpy’s location feature lets you track remotely the location of an Android phone. Call history, call duration, and timing are all accessible by the user who contacts the monitored phone.

TheTruthSpy can be used to determine the location of your device. It is also possible to access other apps from your device that you monitor. It can be used to open other applications and read messages in text. Download the plug-in plug-in on the official site. Once it is installed it is possible to access it through the targeted Android devices. After the installation is complete, you will be able to access the device through TheTruthSpy’s Web Client.

Why should you choose TheTruthSpy to locate your lost Android Phone

Keylogger allows you to view key words with Keylogger: TheTruthSpy only offers Keylogger feature on Android devices. Keylogger allows you to view what the target device user is typing. Keylogger records every character that is typed by the user on the device. This is the great way to break into passwords for the accounts of users you want to target.

TheTruthSpy’s real-time tracker of location: This feature is useful. It can be useful if your device has been stolen or lost. It is as simple as clicking on the location button to see the current location of the device.

Record the conversation on the phone secretly If you’re not sure of what your child doing while on the phone or in the call, you can make use of TheTruthSpy’s call recording feature. Involving yourself with this, you can remotely record the conversation on the monitored device without them being aware. After the call has ended the voice record will be sent to you instantly.

Take screenshots remotely: TheTruthSpy also allows you to capture screenshot remotely. It is hidden behind the scenes and records screenshot silently without any noise. Simply click Take screenshot and then select Capture screenshot. A screen shot of the device can be downloaded and then displayed.

TheTruthSpy: Access social apps: If you’re one of the people mentioned above and would like to monitor your children’s or friends’ or colleagues’ social app Then TheTruthSpy is the right app for you. It works with Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Line and a variety of other social apps. Just tap any app and it will connect you to the conversation with the person you’re looking to connect with.

Download TheTruthSpy to Track Lost Android Phone at: Check it out.

Step 1. Create TheTruthSpy Account

First, you’ll need to start a browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and so on. Go to the official TheTruthSpy website. Then click on the “Sign up” button to sign up for an account. To complete the process, you’ll be required to input a valid email address and password. If you wish to have access to all features, you can take advantage of paid subscription plans.

Step 2. Enter Information

Then, enter the teenager’s name/nickname/name, age and mobile operating system into the wizard for Setup.

3. Step 3.

After you’ve completed the above, switch over to your Android device. Settings — Security -Enable Unknown Sources. Then, Go to and download TheTruthSpy plug-in for target Android device.

Step 4. Step 4.

Install the TheTruthSpy Apk file, then tap its icon to launch. Log in using the TheTruthSpy username and password you made in step 1. Enter your credentials by clicking on the Sign In button. Click on “Grant” to give permission. Tap on”icon is not necessary I don’t really need it” and then click on”Start Monitoring”.

Step 5. Track Lost Android Phone Online

Switch to the target Android phone and then switch to it. TheTruthSpy can be accessed from the mobile web browser and the computer.

Part 2. How to track your Android phone using Google Account (Google Map).

Step 1: First you must download Google Maps on your Device from the Google Play Store. You can also go to Google maps timeline page via web browser Enter your Google account email ID and password. If you have enabled 2-step verification, then complete the process.

Step 2. If you’re using the Google Maps app then, swipe left or tap on hamburger icon to launch the menu. Click on”Your timeline” to go to the timeline page.

Step 3: Select the month as well as the year and day. The section is located on the top of any web browser.

Step 4: Now step, the map will show your current location as well as your past location.

Part 3. Are there ways to locate a lost Android Phone by IMEI Number

It’s a good idea to use the IMEI number of your phone as it cannot be altered. will notify you once your Android phone is found.

How to track the location of a lost Android phone using an IMEI number

Step 1: At the first step, open web browser and open missing phones site by typing in the address field. This will open a text field, namely Search IMEI. Enter your Android IMEI number in the text field.

Step 2: Then click on”Search” button to begin the searching process. The search will then scan through the entire database for data regarding your Android device. Register on this site if you don’t get a result. If your device is located in the United States, you can use this account to connect with you.

Part 4. Android Device Manager – How to Find an Unlocated Android Phone

Android Device Manager – How to Locate an Unlocated Android Phone

Step 1: First, open your browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Type Android device manager. You can also type directly on address field.

Step 2: Next you need to enter login credentials such as Google Email ID and Password.

Step 3: Google Map will open with your location. There are various options such as Ring or Lock and erase.

Ring In case you are unable to locate your device in the vicinity, then, try Ring mode. Ring mode lets you play sound for 5 minutes or till it unlocks.

Lock: Lock lets users to secure their lost or stolen device with an encryption key to secure it from any unauthorized access. You can also add a message and phone number that will display on the screen of the lock on the lost device. This can be useful if someone finds your device.

Erase: If you’re concerned about your device falling into the wrong hands and data will be stolen. The erase feature can be utilized to perform a hard factory reset remotely. This will wipe out all information that is stored on the device. If your device isn’t connected to the internet then it will begin the rest process when it is connected.

Part 5.

The majority of Android devices have the Find My Device app. Google Inc. designed this application to track down your device that has been lost. It’s a simple and quick way to locate an unclaimed Android phone.

How do you track your Android phone with Find My Device

Step 1: First, open the web browser. Enter “find my Android smartphone” in the address field.

Step 2: Click on the “Find My Device” button. Now you will be on the Google login page. Enter your email ID and password, then press Next.

Step 3: Google geo maps will be open once the above process is completed. It will show your device location. There are three options available: Ring, Lock and Erase.

Ring: This can be useful if you’ve lost your device. Make sure to tap it to activate maximum volume.

Lock: It’s been reported that your device has been stolen or lost. The device can be secured using a passcode or fingerprint. Press Lock to input a password or a message to open the device. They will contact you if they spot your device.

Erase: Mostly people have fears of losing personal information instead of their smartphone. Smartphones are filled with valuable and personal data. When your smartphone connects to the internet, you are able to utilize Erase remotely to erase all data.

Important: This entire procedure will only work if already enabled Find My Device on your lost device.


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