5 Ways to Track Other Phone’s Text Messages

5 Ways to Track Other Phone's Text Messages
5 Ways to Track Other Phone's Text Messages
Review: 5 Ways to Track Other Phone's Text Messages


Effective 5 Ways to Track other Phone’s Text Messages. Track the targeted device and the text messages being sent and received on that device.

  • #1 FreeMobileSpy
  • #2 FoneTracker
  • #3 XySpy
  • #4 TheTruthSpy
  • #5 PhoneTracking
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Effective 5 Ways to Track other Phone’s Text Messages

Today, there exist a large number of people who are looking for the best effective ways for spying on other text messages. Even for hacking, many hackers need the best spying application for their work. It’s hard to find the best spying application that works for you. This article will help you to find the spying application that works best for you by providing a list of 5 ways to track other phone’s text messages.

Effective 5 Ways to Track other Phone’s Text Messages
Effective 5 Ways to Track other Phone’s Text Messages

There are 3 basic features that all the 5 applications provide you and they are

  1. Low charges – Any person who is willing to see the text messages of someone’s phone should not pay high charges. Many such highly charged applications result in the scam.
  2. Telephone number –It is better to have a telephonic conversation with the product owner whenever you come across any problem with the product.
  3. Customer support –There always should have constant support for the customers for ensuring that they are convinced with the product.

5 Ways to Spy Other Phone’s Text Messages

  • Way 1 – Using FreeMobileSpy
  • Way 2 – Using FoneTracker
  • Way 3 – Using XySpy
  • Way 4 – Using TheTruthSpy
  • Way 5 – Using PhoneTracking

Here are some details about these ways

#1 FreeMobileSpy

#1 FreeMobileSpy
#1 FreeMobileSpy

FreeMobileSpy is a free, compatible and high-quality spying application for any device (mobile phone). This application works in complete stealth and secrecy; it runs in the background of the targeted device so that the device’s owner will never know about it. Moreover, FreeMobileSpy is a kind of spying application which is fully compatible with iPhone XS and Android 8 Oreo.

Another good feature is that it has the facility of remote control which is not available in most of the spy applications. This remote control application allows you to access the device for the far area which simply means that you don’t have to in touch with the targeted device.

  • Easy installation and use
  • More than 25 features
  • Spy Facebook and WhatsApp sent and received messages without rooting the phone
  • Monitor your children/spouses in real time

There are just 3 steps to spying with FreeMobileSpy and they are given as follows –

Step 1: Installation

It takes only 5 minutes to download and install the FreeMobileSpy from (https://freemobilespy.net/install-free-mobile-spy/) on any mobile phone.

Step 2: Creating an account

Create an account by entering your email address and the password.

Step 3: Phone Spying

Log in on FreeMobileSpy Control Panel and start spying any cell phone.

Some features of FreeMobileSpy are

  • SMS spy
  • 100% undetectable
  • Spy calls
  • Phone call recording
  • Ambient listening
  • GPS tracker
  • Monitor web history
  • Access multimedia files
  • Address book
  • Live control panel
  • Remote control

#2 FoneTracker

#2 FoneTracker
#2 FoneTracker

FoneTracker is developed with the use of a technology that provides a high-quality spying application. This application can answer you for the sudden change in the behaviour of your spouse or kids. And for that, you just have to download and install this application and begin doing the monitoring of the text messages of your kids or anyone you want to spy on.

This application is one of the user-friendly applications to constantly keep an eye on the activities of kids, spouse, employees, etc.

Some features of FoneTracker

  • Compatible with android and iPhone
  • Undetectable
  • Less cost effective
  • Instantly reading of all text messages
  • Recording of incoming and outgoing calls
  • View multimedia files
  • View all contacts in the address book

#3 XySpy

#3 XySpy
#3 XySpy

XySpy is one of the great technologies that are easy for any person to use for monitoring or tracking the text messages. This application is being downloaded over 1 million times and is going stronger day by day. XySpy is a paid but worth application. This has become a good leader after FreeMobileSpy and FoneTracker app for spying. One of the best features of this app is that there is 24×7 customer support available. It is less cost effecting spy tool and that has made spying more convenient and safe.

Some features of XySpy

  • Manage calls
  • Track messages
  • Read emails
  • Track GPS locations
  • Real time monitoring
  • Control app programs
  • Monitor websites
  • Notifications
  • Monitor social media applications

#4 TheTruthSpy

#4 TheTruthSpy
#4 TheTruthSpy

For those who are willing to spy and get any kind of data (or information) from android or iPhone, this application can be consider to be better, powerful and will make your work to be done easily on any device. One of the best parts about this app is that it is very easy for any person to use and it is user-friendly.

It works by allowing all the users to easily spy the targeted device and the text messages being sent and received on that device. It assures the secrecy of the spying on SMS and text messages that are sending and receiving.

Some features of TheTruthSpy

  • GPS tracking capability
  • Spy on text messages
  • View photos and videos
  • Secretly record phone calls
  • Listen to live phone conversation
  • Track internet browsing history
  • Spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat and many other social media platforms
  • Read contact history
  • Record a list of all the applications that are installed on the cell phone or tablet

#5 PhoneTracking

#5 PhoneTracking
#5 PhoneTracking

PhoneTracking is another most popularly used spying tools for monitoring or tracking the activities of the targeted person. You not only can spy the text messages but also keep an eye of all the activities of any person you want to spy on.

For example, the hacker who is willing to know and understand the actual reason behind any strange behaviour or inappropriate action done by someone can use this spying tool without thinking twice. With no time, this tool will easily help you to get all the data and information of the suspicious person. All you have to do is just download and install the app on your device as well as in the targeted user cell phone and start monitoring in hidden mode.

Some features of PhoneTracking

  • Spying on SMS and text messages
  • Recording of calls
  • Monitoring the activities on social media
  • Tracking WhatsApp


So these are some of the effective 5 ways to track other phone’s text messages that have become very popular and highly demanding among the hackers and other people who want to spy on any person. It does not matter that on which device you are planning to perform spy on, it is compatible with all the devices, especially iPhone and androids. All these apps are undetectable on the targeted devices and hence provide complete secrecy to the user. For the best experience, FreeMobileSpy is more preferable among all other apps and tools, since it is more compatible, 100% undetectable and free.

All you have to do is just download and install the applications in the device and start your journey of spying and hacking. The best part about these applications is that they provide free trials. You can go for it, see the working of all the apps and according to your satisfaction, you can choose the app that works best for you.



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