Best 10 Text Message Interceptors To Intercept Text Messages For Free

Best 10 Text Message Interceptors To Intercept Text Messages For Free

How to Free Intercept Text Messages in 10 Ways

How to Free Intercept Text Messages in 10 Ways
How to Free Intercept Text Messages in 10 Ways

With the most advanced technology, you can look up other messages remotely without giving any information to the person you want to know. Technolgy provides free interceptors of text messages. Parents concerned about their children’s behavior can remotely monitor their child’s messages. They can also enjoy peace of mind. You can locate a myriad of monitoring applications through a search on the internet. However, only a handful are reliable and durable. We’ve listed the top free messaging interceptors you could utilize.

– Part 1. Top 10 Apps that Intercept Text messages for free

Part 2. [Tutorial] Intercepting Text messages via iPhone or Android [Safest]

Part 3. [Tutorial] How to Intercept Text Messages through Cloning Text messages that are not secure

Part 1. Top 10 Apps to intercept text messages for free

Part 1. Top 10 Apps to intercept text messages for free
Part 1. Top 10 Apps to intercept text messages for free

1) AppSpy


The AppSpy is a monitoring app that is available suitable for Android and iPhone users. Parents are enthralled by it’s ability to track their children’s activities. professionals use it to monitor the actions of their staff. The app works in hidden mode, which means that the user you are targeting will not be aware of the fact that it intercepts text messages from another phone.

We recommend this text message interceptor?

It will track the exact location of the target user.

It is able to monitor 29types of data on the devices such as texts messages, phone calls web history, whatsApp messages and many other.

Compatible System:

It supports the most recent Android and iOS platforms.

2) TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy Another powerful interceptor of text messages is available. The majority of smartphone users will give preference to this application due to its efficiency and quality. It is designed with the latest technology , and it is beneficial to monitor various types of information.

TheTruthSpy Key Features

It’s easy to install it on Android or iPhone devices.

– The app can track various social media applications such as Facebook as well as Snapchat.


It has advanced features that cost a lot of money.

Compatibility Operating System:

– iOS 7-8.4v and iOS 9.0 -9.0 – 9.1 as well as Android new version.



Many parents are relying on TrackMyPhone to monitor their children’s text messages. In just three easy and simple steps, you will be able to track the device in question from a distance. It’s safe and secure to install it on your device.

TrackMyPhone Principal Features

It’s able to track the Gmail account, messages logs, and much more data remotely.

Block any applications that are installed on the device of the target

– It can also easily retrieve deleted messages.


– The app is free , but it has very few features.

Compatible System:

– It works on Android versions 4.1 to 8.1+.

It supports all iPhone models.

4) The Truth Spy

The truth spy is a useful monitoring tool that lets you intercept text messages sent from another cell phone. The app works with both Android OS as well as iPhone OS. This app is intended for parent control, monitoring of employees, as well as to catch the cheating partner.

The Truth Spy’s Top Features:

– It has ambient listening feature. You can make use of this feature to detect the surroundings around the target device.

– It can record calls to the target user.

Keyloggers can be used to find out what the target user is typing on the phone of your target.


The Support page is less information than the other pages.

Compatibility Operating System:

Android version below and similar to version 7.1

– It is compatible with all iOS versions.

5) Highster Mobile

Another popular monitoring application is Highster mobile. It is safe and secure to install and to track messages from a distance. It is also able to recover deleted messages. It’s compatible with various devices like Android, iPad, and tablet.

Key Features of Highster Mobile:

It is able to monitor Instagram and Facebook activities of the user.

You can browse images and videos of the target device.


– The downloading process takes a long time.

Compatible Systems:

– Android version 2.1 and above.

– All iOS versions, including iOS 10.x.

6) Spyzie

The Spyzie is very helpful to intercept text messages from another phone. It can run in a completely concealed mode.

Spyzie’s Key Features Spyzie:

It’s easy to use.

– To track your device’s location, you don’t have to root your device.


– Some location tracking features on iPhone devices don’t work.

Compatible Systems:

Android version 4.0 or higher.

— iOS 10.0 or above.

7) App to Spy Phone

The Spy Phone App for text message interceptors is built using modern technology. It is packed with great features.

Spy Phone app: Key Features

– It can block applications, numbers and other applications from the device being targeted.

It is also able to track your Twitter account.


– It does not have an upgrade option, so that means that the app has less features.

Compatible Systems:

It is compatible with iOS versions from 6.x up to 9.02.

– It works with the majority of Android versions.


SpyHuman Another amazing app, is also highly rated by parents with concerns.

SpyHuman’s Main Features

It’s easy to setup.

It tracks a variety of data kinds.


It’s impossible to track the real-time information.

Compatible Operating System:

It is compatible with Android version 3.0 or greater.

9) Copy 9

The SpyHuman tracking app is an amazing app which is preferred by parents with concerns.

Key Features of Copy 9:

It’s easy to install

It’s easy to access via a web browser.

You will also be able to view calendar events and call logs of the device you are trying to access.


iPhone users aren’t allowed to use it.

Compatible Systems:

Android OS 4.0.3 to 7.1.1

10) MobiPast

Another solution is to use the MobiPast software to spy on text messages on another phone. It is also able to track different data.

MobiPast Key Features

It’s able to track messages from a variety of social networks.

It can monitor web history and passwords on the target device.

It only takes the time of a few seconds to install the software.


It’s functions are limited.

Compatible Operating System:

It is compatible on iOS 5, iOS 6, and iOS 7.

Part 2. How to intercept text messages from Android and iPhone

AppSpy is the most secure and safest method to intercept text messages. It is able to intercept messages on both Android devices and iPhones. Below is a detailed step-bystep guide to follow.

Step 1: Create an AppSpy account

Register on the AppSpy website with your valid email address. If your email address is not valid you will not be able to obtain AppSpy login credentials.

Step 2: Completing the Setup Procedure

Complete the process of setting up to intercept texts messages with no target phone by filling target name and the age.

Step 3: Selecting an Operating System

You will need to verify your iCloud details if you select the iOS operating system.

If you are using an Android operating system, you must install the AppSpy app on the intended Android phone. Now, move to the device you want to target and download the app from if the target device is Android. After downloading it, you need to grant and approve the app to have all permissions it wants.

Step 4. Step 4.

You can also intercept text messages even without a your phone’s target by simply navigating to your OWM device. Signing into the AppSpy control panel can allow you to intercept messages. The control panel will display the “Monitoringbutton on Android and iPhone devices when you log into AppSpy. To get messages to intercept, tap on this button. With this tool, you can now remotely monitor various kinds of data. This application operates in a hiding mode. It is a way to ensure that the app icon is removed from the device in question.

Part 3. [Tutorial] How to Intercept Text Messages by Cloning Text messages

The ability to intercept text messages through cloning text messages is achieved by only one way and that’s phone cloning. Cloning phones is a method that is employed primarily by criminals. It is not secure to apply. It’s not a legal method to capture text messages. There is a chance that this might happen if you try to make use of it. If you do, then you’ll have to face a legal punishment.

Phone cloning lets you transfer data from one device to another. The phone you cloned will become the other one. Data can be transferred like messages. These messages are sent on both devices due to phone replicating. The cloner may intercept text messages of the original phone , without providing any indication.

There are two methods for this:


It’s necessary to replace the chip in the battery of your phone with a fresh one. This will allow users to alter or change the Electronic serial number or Mobile identification number by using software such as Patagonia. Your phone will be cloned.


The method of cloning achieved by cloning the SIM card. It involves taking out the SIM card. After that, you must keep your device between a phone and a SIM card. By doing this you can get the secret code required to be able to read messages.


The above mentioned apps for intercepting text messages are genuine. For caring parents, these apps are best to monitor their children’s activities from remotely.


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