Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android
Review: Best 10 Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android


Best 10 Couple Tracker apps for OS – iPhone and Android. With 10 Ways, they help in keeping the relationship away from all dangers.

  • #1 FreeMobileSpy
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 FreePhoneSpy
  • #4 Google Maps
  • #5 GPS tracker by FollowMe
  • #6 Find My Device
  • #7 Family Location
  • #8 Find my family & friend phone
  • #9 Family locator GPS locator
  • #10 Family location - Phone tracker
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Best 10 Couple Tracker apps for OS – iPhone and Android

So you are in a relationship and are having a spouse spending time with another guy. You might be thinking of what to do now. You are not only the one left facing such a situation. Many spouses are willing to know about what the partner is doing and where he or she is going.

Best 10 Couple Tracker apps for OS - iPhone and Android
Best 10 Couple Tracker apps for OS – iPhone and Android

This article is the right solution that will tell you the best tracking tool for android OS and iOS OS.  Many tracking solutions are listed in this article after reviewing. Those are numbered according to the reviews, benefits and reliability factor.

#1 FreeMobileSpy

#1 FreeMobileSpy
#1 FreeMobileSpy

FreeMobileSpy is an excellent tool that a user can make in use and is a solution that can be given priority as it works in a better way without letting its target person know. Getting engaged with this tracking solution a hacker can do the tracking of the victim phone. It is featured with numbers of features that will allow a user to view all the activities entirely without missing viewing anything that could be important. This app is highly recommended by many people globally. This application is the best outcome of the hardworking software developers that have developed it to be the best choice among the other users. The parents can make use of it for knowing about all activities done by the dearest one. It helps in keeping the relationship away from all dangers.

Why FreeMobileSpy is recommended

  • Tracking live location of the husband or wife
  • Keeping track on SMS, multimedia files, IM app chats, the social networking site
  • User-friendly tool
  • Compatibility is with iOS and Android

Learn using it

  • Do registration- Open FreeMobileSpy homepage using the link ( and sign-up using relevant information. To create an account a user has to make use of the right email address and password. Choose the operating system.
  • Setup- If you choose iPhone you will be taken to the iCloud login page. Simply fill up the victim iCloud ID and password and hit on verify. If in case selected android, you must get access to the phone physically and install it and fill in the login details.
  • Do Monitoring- Open the website and get into the online dashboard and choose the available function as per the needs.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy app is developed for making the tracking process quite convenient and lot more hassle-free. There is extensive scope for using this tracking solution as it helps a tracker in accessing the device completely. This is free of cost to use the tool.

Spying features

  • Tracking WhatsApp and Facebook account is possible with all IM app conversations
  • The application is having good compatibility with iOS and Android OS.
  • A user can know details of all text messages, call logs, saved multimedia files.

#3 FreePhoneSpy

#3 FreePhoneSpy
#3 FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is a family tracking solution that is developed for iOS and android and with this one can track SMS, location, calls and many more things. A user will too get access to some amazing features like live call recording, Key logger, ambient listening, etc.

Why use it

  • Works on all iOS and android version
  • Monitors WhatsApp effectively
  • Tracks real-time location
  • Provides access to the online dashboard for tracking all cellular actions

#4 Google Maps

Always the Google map is one of the best options for its users. The option of location sharing on Google map is the best function that is capable to fulfill the entire requirement required for device tracking. With the location-sharing, a tracker can view the device location on it.

Features to know

  • Location sharing is 100% accurate compared to the other spy tools
  • User can share the location with many people as per the requirements
  • This is having commendable compatibility with iOS and android all versions.

#5 GPS tracker by FollowMe

GPS Tracker by FollowMe is the best GPS tracking solution that allows one in tracking the target person location. The app is designed for devices that are running on leading android and iOS. If a partner is not ready to tell whereabouts then using the app a user like a spouse can know the real-time location of the target person.

Spy app features

  • Collect the data remotely is possible with it
  • User can track the iOS and android all versions
  • It tracks the device in a hidden mode to not let the target know anything

#6 Find My Device

This spy tool is tracking the location of the target that from the Google house is available. With the access of this tool, a user can get to know about the present location of the android phone. Simply try the tool and log in using the account details and install it and begin tracking the phone of whosoever a hacker wants.

Features of it

  • This is an easier, effective and powerful tracking solution.
  • A user using it can track the real-time location of the target phone using the online dashboard of the app.
  • As it is a result-oriented app, a user will receive all accurate details from the target phone.

#7 Family Location

This amazing application is developed for all iOS and Android users for tracking the other guy location. This app is available for free for tracking target all activities done on the phone.

Features to know

  • The app shows the location of the target person whether a spouse, friend or kids.
  • It also tracks the location of Smartphone if in case lost or is stolen.
  • The application is capable enough at tracking android and iphone completely.

#8 Find my family & friend phone

This app is a reliable location tracking solution that is available for tracking iphone users’ cellular behavior. With this application, a user can do the monitoring of the phone of family and friends.

Key features of it

  • This app can be set up easily and used on all versions of iOS.
  • It is good at showing the accurate location of the device.
  • This is a multiple phone tracking solution.
  • It is equipped with all essential spying features.

#9 Family locator GPS locator

This application is basically developed to track the activities conducted on android OS. Getting completely engaged with the app will allow a user to track the location of the phone of the family member. There isn’t any need for one to pay for having access to the tool. One can install the wizard for free of costs.

Qualities of the app

  • There are many features available to offer such as speed alert, emergency alert and so on.
  • Using this application is easier because of the user-friendly interface.
  • It is a lot easier for one to track the location of a family member.

#10 Family location – Phone tracker

This is the last tool that is listed here. This phone monitoring solution is coded and developed very well that can be effectively used for tracking cellular actions details.

Features of the app

  • A user can do the tracking of SMS completely with call logs.
  • Also, the app is good at letting the tracker know the whereabouts of the target person accurately.


Those 10 couple tracker app can be used for tracking the android and iphone easily. Choose those and execute tracking activity.