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Review: 3 Best Free KeyLogger without Their Phone


Learn 3 Best Free KeyLogger without Their Phone. In tracking what keys are pressed on any keyboard of a phone, tablet, computer keyboard, etc.

  • #1 FreeMobileSpy
  • #2 PhoneTracking
  • #3 SpyZee
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Free Keylogger: 3 Best Free KeyLogger without Their Phone

In this present technological upgraded world, almost everyone has one or the other operating device such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc who do not have security passwords in them. Such passwords are not just passwords it is a barrier for some people who like to know every detail related to the activities that are happening on their devices. In order to attain several security passwords of any person’s phone or other devices, people these days look for such application which can help in stealing the passwords of others phone. For this purpose Keylogger feature has been introduced in the various spy applications.

Free Keylogger: 3 Best Free KeyLogger without Their Phone
Free Keylogger: 3 Best Free KeyLogger without Their Phone

There are an end number of reasons for which Keylogger is widely used. Like for instance, some use it in order to generate all the data from others’ phones in secret mode so that they cannot get caught in this spying act. Such data helps them to attain much information related to that suspected person. In addition to this, it is a very time-consuming app that will help you gain information in a very shorter duration of time without using any specialized hacking techniques. Thus it is widely used for tracking activities of people such as kids, employees, boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends, relatives, family members, and many more.

Other reasons for using Free Keylogger apps

  • to know whether their loved ones are safe or not
  • in order to catch the employees who are dishonest or disloyal
  • locating the device is lost
  • blocking the wrong apps used by kids or targeted person
  • taking full control on the targeted device for positive as well as a negative objective which may differ from person to person
  • protecting children from any sort of cyber crimes

Thus key logger is becoming important to use these days. It is also well known as keystroke loggers which are termed as a software program or a hardware device- helping in tracking what keys are pressed on any keyboard of a phone, tablet, computer keyboard, etc.

The best part is that you can easily download spy apps these days if you want to make the most of the Keylogger feature. Almost, every spy app present their online today offers this feature and many other additional features in order to make the spying experience of their user’s trouble-free.

Since there are numerous of spying apps that are offering this amazing feature thus it sometimes becomes quite confusing for the users as- which one to download amongst all, right? If you are also one of them then not to worry my dear friend as in this article further you are going to know about the top 3 free Keylogger offering apps.

What are the 3 best Keylogger spy apps

#1 FreeMobileSpy

#1 FreeMobileSpy
#1 FreeMobileSpy

It is one of the very famous spy applications which are currently used by millions of users from all around the world. It is a trustable app on which you can totally rely on your spying activities. The other benefits of using this app are-

  • it is totally undetectable by any other device or app
  • it is very easy to use
  • it offers great features for the purpose of spying such as spy apps, spy call message spying, location tracking spying, ambient voice recorder, call recording, view gallery,
  • it helps you control the overall working of a phone
  • it can be easily used in android phones, iPhone, computers, laptops, tablets, Mac, etc
  • it can work on stealth mode which means the targeted person will never get to know about your spying process
  • it is available in absolutely free of cost means no downloading price is charged
  • helps you to remotely control the phone i.e. you don’t have to be present all the time with the target

How to download FreeMobileSpy and access the Keylogger features of this app

Step 1

Downloading and installing- download the app via this link. After downloading the app you have to install it in the same device once.

Step 2

Registration- creates an account with the help of a unique ID and password. This way you can register yourself at- FreeMobileSpy. After that, you have to open the account with the same user ID on your phone as well.

Step 3

Control panel- now you can open the app and visit its control panel where you will see the option- Keylogger. Click on this option and you will see what is being pressed on the targeted device.

Keylogger feature- it will send you all the details regarding the things which have been typed on the targeted device. This way you can see all the message types, security passwords types like passwords of the phone, email password, social media app password such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more.

You can see which page is being logged in, which site has been surfed, what are there on the phone on a real-time basis etc.

#2 PhoneTracking

#2 PhoneTracking
#2 PhoneTracking

It is a very user-friendly app that can help you know what all is taking place in the targeted device. It is one of the top used apps in the present years because of its amazing services offered. It is a multipurpose app that can also allow you to spy on- call, gallery, internet browsing, location, calls, social media applications, etc as well. It is free to use the app and offers you trial period working as well thus you don’t have to pay the amount instantly after downloading the app on your phone.

#3 SpyZee

#3 SpyZee
#3 SpyZee

It is another Keylogger app which is free to download and use by the new and old users. It is specially designed for the parents who are always worried about their kid’s excessive phone usages. Thus via this app, they can control their kid’s unnecessary activities on a daily basis. It offers the same attractive features as the other two apps which are mentioned above in the article. In addition to this, it is an undetectable app thus its Keylogger feature widely attracts people from all around the world.


Download any of the free Keylogger spy apps today and have a great spying experience without any trouble.