7 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location without Them Knowing

7 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location without Them Knowing

7 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location without Them Knowing

Free Phone Tracker: 7 Ways To Track Location Of Cell Phone Without Suspect Knowing

So you care about your spouse and children and would like to keep eye on their location movements mainly for safety purposes. Yes, it is possible to know their location presence in real-time by tracking their phone by using a reliable tracking tool. Not only their phone but you can track your phone as well when it is lost. If you really are seeking for the best location tracking app then this article will be a lot useful.

It not so unique to carry Smartphone’s and everyone in this world is making use of this technology. Therefore location tracking will become a lot easier. However if you are going to track the location of a person for the first time, you need not have to worry about how to track it and which app to use. This article will tell you the 7 best ways to track a cell phone location without informing the target person.

Way 1- Use FreeMobileSpy app

Way 1- Use FreeMobileSpy app

Way 1- Use FreeMobileSpy app

FreeMobileSpy is a leading Smartphone location tracking application that not only tracks real-time and previous location movement activities but is capable enough to have full access to various Smartphone activities conducted. This application is offering many amazing spying features and provides 100% accurate information about the person you are intended to track. This app is untraceable and even if the target person uses a tracking tool for figuring out whether being tracked or not, the app will remain untraced. FreeMobileSpy is a user-friendly application and many people are using this application because it is very much easy to use.

To access this amazingly wonderful tracking app a user must follow below-listed steps-

Download & install app- For location tracking a user must download the FreeMobileSpy app into the target phone without informing them. You can get access to this tool from its official website (https://freemobilespy.net/install-free-mobile-spy/). After the application is downloaded, you have to install the app on the target phone and create a user account by filling in a valid email address and create a new password.

Registration- Once the user account is set up; you must hit on the login option and then fill in the essential details of the target person. Conceal this application to remain untraceable. The application hidden mode option will not let the target find you using this app for keeping an eye on him/her.

Monitoring- Once done with all that, you must log in and access the phone details easily. Easily you can see the details of the target phone activities such as call logs, text messages, GPS location tracking and so on.

Features of the app

  • Call logs monitoring
  • Live call recording
  • GPS location tracking
  • Access all social media apps
  • Read text messages completely
  • Access saved media files
  • KeyLogger
  • Instant messaging apps messages reading
  • KeyLogger function
  • Track on activities of installed apps
  • Monitoring internet history

Benefits of using it

  • Compatible app (works with iOS and android)
  • 100% secure to use (free of viruses)
  • The good technical support team is available
  • Remains hidden always
  • Accuracy in information
  • Find out the lost device

Who uses this application

Working parents- Nowadays both the parent is seen busy in the job. As they are fully involved in household work and jobs, it has become quite harder for them to keep eye on what their kids are doing and where they are going. They to assure the safety of the kids are using a phone tracking tool. This way they keep full eyes on all types of activities done by the target person such as calls, text messaging and Location movements. Also the saved media files, contact added can be seen. Using a tracking tool will let them stay always updated on the type of activities the kid conducts and about location presence as well.

Spouse- Location tracking tool is not only created for parents but the spouse can also make use of the tool to see where the wife or husband at present and where were they earlier. Also if you are not informed and your spouse is not yet coming back to the home then using a tracking tool will be the right option to immediately see where he or she is right now. This way the truth can be figured out and thus right step can be taken up.

Way 2- Use XySpy app

Way 2- Use XySpy app

Way 2- Use XySpy app

XySpy app is another amazing parental control application. It helps in tracking the real time location of anybody. The app is offering different types of features and provides the user with all the information with accurate details. Through this application, one can access the target device safely. A user can operate the target device, unlock it easily and also save media files available. Simply download the app and allow it to do the tracking work.

Some features

  • View all call details
  • Read the text messages
  • View internet history
  • GPS location tracking
  • View Phonebook
  • See media files

Way 3- Use AppTracker

Way 3- Use AppTracker

Way 3- Use AppTracker

AppTracker is another reliable to use location tracking applications. This application works very much effectively and efficiently on leading OS like iOS and Android. This app is a parental control app and it sends all location information. The application is offering free location tracking features. In addition to the location tracking this application provides other facilities likes call logs tracking, live call listening, internet history viewing, media files viewing, phonebook accessing, KeyLogger function and many more.

Way 4- Track location through mobile number using SpyZee

Everyone is having a mobile phone so if a person is interested in tracking the phone location of the target person then making use of phone number tracking location will become a lot easier. However many people are there making use of mobile phone in an unproductive ways. If you are having a mobile number and don’t have other information about the intended phone, don’t worry. Here what you need is to simply use the mobile number and perform some essential setting and then hit on location tracking options and fulfill the aim of location tracking. No doubt with the help of the phone number that you provide to SpyZee, location tracking will be easier. This application not only provides location details but access other conducted activities such as text messages and calls etc.

Way 5- Use GuestSpy

This Smartphone tracking tool is a wonderfully designed app that not only tracks GPS location but also it keeps an eye on all types of activities conducted by the target person. This tracking solution offers calls logs viewing, live call listening, WhatsApp details viewing and many more. This Smartphone tracking solution runs quite smoothly on android and iOS devices. Many people use this application on their PC and tablet. To use this application a user must download the phone tracking app into the target device and install it. Next, a user has to download and install the app in own device and create a new user account. Now login to the setup user account and from the app online dashboard you can see all the information on the target person’s phone. Easily a user of the app can see the location details on a timely basis.

Way 6- Use FoneTracker

FoneTracker is a reliable way of tracking the location movements of the target person. This application can be used in the PC, various leading OS, calling tablets, and laptops. This application is companionable with all devices and is also untracked by the other installed tracking app into the target person’s phone. This application is easy to use and it also provides safer and secure information on your device. In order to access this tool, a user has to get it download and install in own device. Once the app is installed, the user has to set up a user account. Now by simply logging into the user account, a user can easily do the tracking of the location of the target person with the exact time. Through this application, a user can track call details, messages, apps, internet history and so on.

Way 7- Use Google Map

Google Maps have become popular nowadays for searching for the location. But a person not only searches for the location also he or she track’s the location of another phone. Now to use the application a person has to download and install the application in own and into the target phone. When you begin up with the location tracking process, you must compulsorily ensure that GPS option into the target person’s phone is turned on. Now go to the target device Google map and then share the live location with your device. Now tracking the real-time location and past location movement details will be a lot easier.


So these 7 ways to track cell phone location without informing the suspected person will be a lot helpful. However, for you, it is completely impossible to get access to more than one tool parallelly. The best one among these 7 ways is FreeMobileSpy. No doubt using it will definitely provide all users the best result than the expected one. Get this application now and start using it for whatever purpose you want.

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This article will tell you the 7 best ways to track a cell phone location without informing the target person. They helps in tracking the real time location of anybody.

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