Hidden SMS Tracker without installing software on target phone

Hidden SMS Tracker without installing software on target phone
Review: Hidden SMS Tracker without installing software on target phone
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Hidden SMS Tracker that you need not install on the target phone

Do you doubt your child continuously for what they are doing on their phone? Do you see that your lover is hiding something? Do not take tension as we are going to suggest a solution to this problem and will tell you that how can you hack the SMS of the target phone and find the truth your kids are hiding. There are many spyware which is not crucial to use but there are some good ones too. This is the reason why people still trust this spyware and make use of it to make their life better!

Hidden SMS Tracker that you need not install on the target phone
Hidden SMS Tracker that you need not install on the target phone

One such trusted and highly utilized app is the FreeMobileSpy. This spyware comes with advanced features and better functions to make your life easier. You can track the SMS of the target phone without installing this software on the target phone using this spyware. When you install the spyware on the target phone and carry out the spying function then there is a risk of being detected and that target person can uninstall the app.

However, FreeMobileSpy is such software which you need not install on the target phone but you have to install it in your phone so as to start spying. There is needed a user account for the access control board. To make an account there is important to sign up from FreeMobileSpy sign up page. Once, you open an account there you will find the page where you will be asked about the target phone details. It is necessary that you fill all the details asked on the page and submit so as to hack the target phone.

Why need FreeMobileSpy for track SMS Messages

Why need FreeMobileSpy for track SMS Messages
Why need FreeMobileSpy for track SMS Messages

Target phone is hacked by FreeMobileSpy as soon as you submit the details and you can monitor their activity now! This how you make use of this spyware! Now, let’s see the need of SMS tracker. You may be wondering why to spy on SMS? Here is the answer-

Catch the cheating employee

Your employee can cheat you anytime and you cannot completely trust them. In this world where there is hard competition and everyone wants to prove themselves best, it becomes hard to believe in people. Your employ can cheat you and your competitors may offer huge money to your employee for stealing your company’s project and selling them. So, in order to know whether your employee is in contact with your enemy, you can use SMS tracker of the FreeMobileSpy.

Catch the cheating lover

Your other half is the one whom you love the most and you are going to stay with them all through your life. If there is some abnormal behavior seen from your partner in that case you need to find out that are they really loyal or they are just fooling you. You can use SMS tracker to track their SMS and see what they are up to. They may be involved in an affair with men/women from their past. You need to break into the device of your spouse and find the truth they hide you from long.

Catch your cheating kids

Your kids plan to go somewhere says pub, lounge or bar with their friends and they do not tell you. They lie to you and move out of the house then you keep waiting for them to return but when they come you scold them still they lie to you. You know they are lying to you but you lack any proof to make your kids feel guilty for lying to their parents. You need to collect the proof, using this FreeMobileSpy you can collect enough proof and catch your kids when they lie to you. You can also, teach a lesson to them which they remember throughout their life and never repeat the same mistake ever again.

Features of FreeMobileSpy

So, did you understand the need for spying on SMS of the target person? If yes, then good start spying! There are many more features in FreeMobileSpy which you can explore and get many benefits in return. Some of these features are listed below!

Location tracker– to see where the target phone is and record their live location activity you can use this feature. GPS tracker which is provided to you by FreeMobileSpy will help you in collecting the target phone present position. Collected data will also include- time/data/ name of the place.

Contact and call spy– this feature allows the user to track the contact history as well as record calls. Contact history tracked will let you know about the missed call, received calls and blocked calls. Recorded call will be delivered to your account which you can access anytime as well as save the recorded content.

Browser history spy- you can see that what target person is searching on the web. You can also; see that how many pages and which pages are marked saved or shared. You can also see the erased history of the browser and save them using the FreeMobileSpy. In case you see inappropriate content viewed by the target person then you can block those web pages and videos.

IM chat tracker– Instant messenger like kik, hike, Skype, etc are used by a number of people today. The parents or partner who is keen to see what their lover is sharing with their friends and whom they talk late night, they can use this feature. This feature will let you read the chats, also you can save them and also you can view details of the person whom they talk with using it.

Social media account hacking– to hack the social media account of the target like SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook, you can use this feature. You can hack their social media account and get to see what they do on their account, they are talking with and what they hide, what information they share and so on. You can block the account added in their friend list so that target cannot chat with them.

Keylogger this feature records keystrokes made on target phone without letting them know it. Password and patterns can be recorded if typed by the person and you will come to know about it. You can use this feature in case you want to physically access the target phone and see their phone data. In other cases where the target phone is misplaced or stolen, you can change the password and pattern or erase all the data of the phone so that other person cannot misuse it.

Ambient listening- to listen to surrounding sounds user can make use of this feature of the FreeMobileSpy. It is easy to use and it is also a feature only needed by the user in the special case where they want to listen to live conversation of the target person. This feature lets you know what is going around the target person’s phone.

How to download FreeMobileSpy

We know you had understood how useful this software is! Now, we are sure you will use it and get rid of your entire problem within a short period. If you wish to use FreeMobileSpy then no need to go to unknown sources and download it, download it in your device from the official site which we had put here- (https://freemobilespy.net/install-free-mobile-spy/). Click on the link you will get the real software. The reason why we ask you to download it from the official website is that-

Risk of the virus- the risk of getting a virus is seen when downloaded the software from unknown source. Unknown sources don’t guarantee safety but cause harm to your device by sending various viruses with an application.

Incompatibility- unknown sources may contain an older version of the spy software. If you download the software from the official site then the updates and a new version of the app can be downloaded which will be compatible with your device. It will offer better performance as well as better features.

Therefore, we hope you understood why we suggest you download this software from this site. We hope you will comfortably sit your home and see your loved one’s activity using this software. This software has better support service; if you need help then you can take their help anytime. People or parents who want to protect their kids can create geo-fencing and ensure that their kids remain within the safer region.


Now, don’t waste any more time we recommend you to try this software yourself. If you don’t trust us then take a trial first then only download the app. taking the trial you will come to know that all that we told here is true and that this software is really very profitable. You can also check the rating and reviews of the FreeMobileSpy. Reviews will tell you how many lives have been protected and how many parents have been benefited by using this app.

Don’t let your kids cheat, don’t let your lover play with your emotions and don’t let cheater from the workplace escape. If you let them play with your emotion today than tomorrow you will face the risks later.



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