How Do You Track A Cell Phone Without Knowing Its Owner

How Do You Track A Cell Phone Without Knowing Its Owner

10 Tips to Track a Cell Phone and Not Knowing It

10 Tips to Track a Cell Phone and Not Knowing It
10 Tips to Track a Cell Phone and Not Knowing It

How can you locate an unlocked cell phone, without the owner even knowing?

Well, this question may cause concern for employers, parents and disturbed individuals. But now, its totally possible to do so with phone monitoring apps. These applications allow you to determine the exact location of the device you want to track, as well as monitor the activity of their mobile phones and observe their online activities using spying Social Media applications.

Part 1. 6 Strategies to Track a Cellphone without Knowing It

Part 2. Other 4 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Using Major Phone Carriers

Part 1. 6 Ways to Track a Cellphone without Being aware of it

Part 1. 6 Ways to Track a Cellphone without Being aware of it
Part 1. 6 Ways to Track a Cellphone without Being aware of it

Method 1. TheTruthSpy is a tool that lets you track your phone without revealing any information (for iOS or Android).

Are you tired of looking for ways to track down a cell phone without the owner knowing? TheTruthSpy is a spyware application that lets you locate a cell phone’s position. It comes with an advanced monitoring algorithm that allows users to monitor the current GPS location, and even track calls log information. It also allows you to collect details from social media activity. It works with all major OSes , including Android and iOS. It doesn’t requirement to jailbreak or root your phone.

This is Why You Should Pick This Cell Phone Tracker

It will easily solve your question about how do I track a cell phone location, without them knowing its GPS location feature.

– It allows you to observe the call logs of text messages as well as social media applications like Whatsapp.

– Now, easily enquire about the browsing history of the device you want to track.

It lets you view information, like videos and photos, on your target device.

Download TheTruthSpy App to Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing at: how to spy on your spouse’s phone without having it for free for android.

Simple Steps to Track Your Cell Phone Online Without Not Knowing

Step 1. Sign up first for a free account by visiting the TheTruthSpy website. You will need to enter your password and email. In the wizard for setting up, you need to enter the information such as the name and age of the person you want to contact. It is also essential to select one of the operating systems: Android or iOS.

Step 2. If you choose Android then you need to install and download the TheTruthSpy app to your phone. Make sure you enable”Unknown sources”. Login again using your TheTruthSpy Account and give permission.

Next, select the “Start monitoring” tab. This will erase the TheTruthSpy icon. This confirms that the app is now able to function.

Step 3. Open your computer to log in with your TheTruthSpy account. To check the location of your Android device, simply open the control panel. If its an iOS device, then you have to select”Location History” to review the location details, but it won’t reveal the current location of the device on iOS. Other than the location, you can also view diverse data such as call logs, text messages , and WhatsApp data.

Note: If you want the ability to track the exact location of an iOS device, then there is no such need to download this app, and there’s no requirement to jailbreak the device. Only the iCloud ID and a password to be able to connect to the device.

Method 2. Using Android Device Manager (For Android)

There are a variety of free cell phone tracking apps available for Android and most come as an inbuilt feature. Like ways, Android Device Manager, allows you to locate your device’s location quickly. It effectively works with the Google Account you have created. Google Account. The fundamental requirements of the application are:

– You need to connect it to your Google Account.

– Must have a reliable Internet Connection.

It is important to enable Android Device Manager.

Simple Steps to Track Your Cell Phone Using Android Device Management

Step 1 Step 1: Connect to your Google Account to Android device. Then, launch ADM and your Android device will be identified quickly.

Step 2: Sign-in with your Google Account to view your device.

Step 3: Using this, you can browse your device, and erase, lock or play an the alert sound on your device.

Method 3. Google’s Timeline (For Android)

Goole also provides this feature that lets you monitor your device from anywhere without the need to install any software or application. This function functions as the Android Device Manager, which is linked to the Google Account. The software requires the following requirements:

– You need Google Account connectivity

Regular Internet access.

– Check that the device is equipped with the location feature activated.

Method 4. Monitoring A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing Using “Find My iPhone” (For iOS)

Apple devices have an inbuilt feature that can locate the location of the device. It is important to activate the app that comes with it, Find My iPhone. Follow the steps below to operate this feature smoothly.

Step 1: Go to your iOS device’s settings and then click on the Apple ID. To activate the iCloud simply click on the iCloud button and type in Find My iPhone.

Step 2: Once you have activated your account, you can monitor your iOS device with the help of iCloud by using any Web browser.

Step 3: Sign in with your iCloud account. Here, click on Find My iPhone.

Step 4 Step 4: Select All Devices and find the device that you wish to target. This step also offers additional options to wipe the iOS device and activate the alarm. You can also lock your device.

Method 5. Spam Installation Link (for iOS and Android)

It’s not easy to install a phone monitor application on the device to be targeted. In this situation it is possible to use a trick and have the user download the fake link.

Step 1: To do this, you can mail an installation link for spam by telling the truth about the link to the user.

Step 2: You’ll need to make an account within the program for which you’ll need to share the link.

Step 3: After you click on the link, you’ll be able monitor the entire thing in your control panel.

Method 6. Utilize “Find My Your Friend” for tracking someone’s phone without them knowing (for iOS).

This incredible feature lets you to keep track of your family and friends’ places using your iOS device. To do this, you have to activate this feature in the”Location Services”.

Step 1: Go to settings on your iOS device> Privacy > Location Services (here, you need to activate this feature).

Step 2: Search for Find Friends and then choose while you are using.

Step 3: Click the Find Friends icon on the Home Screen.

Step 4: Inform your contacts and your friends about your place of work.

Part 2. Other 4 Ways to Track an iPhone using major Phone Carriers

1. AT&T FamilyMap

AT&T Family App allows you to track the location of 10 devices. These steps can help you locate your devices.

Step 1: Sign up to AT&T Family to begin. It’s accessible on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. For Android phones, it is compatible with 4.4.3 versions and above.

Step 2: Sign up to the AT&T Family App. For you to sign up, you will have to input your AT&T wireless number as well as a password.

Step 3: Next step is to configure phones to track using AT&T’s Family app. Each connected phone will get an email letting them know that they will be easily located through FamilyMap.

2. Using Sprint Family Locator to locate someone’s cell phone

If you have this phone carrier, you can follow the same procedure to pinpoint the location of the device.

Step 1: Register using Sprint Family Locator.

Step 2: Once you’ve logged in then click the ADD button which is accessible under the My Family tab.

Step 3: Add your telephone number into the Sprint Account. A notification will be sent to inform you that your number is being monitored.

3. Utilizing Verizon Family Locator

Verizon is an established phone provider that also offers the ability to determine the precise location of the target device.

Step 1: Visit the official site and download the app.

Step 2: Create an official account and include contacts.

Step 3: You’ll receive a message from the additional contacts. This will permit you to track your location and also send messages.

4. T-Mobile Family

This T-mobile exclusive feature is accessible on an initial trial of 30 days for free. It lets you stay in contact with your family and locate the exact location.

Step 1: Sign up for an account with T-Mobile Family where.

Step 2: Add contacts to the list you are looking to connect with and they will get an email.

Step 3: If they accept it If they accept it, you can look up their current address.


As now you have learned techniques to track phones without being aware? TheTruthSpy is an effective phone monitoring application with the most advanced features. It operates in stealth mode and retrieves precise information about the exact location. It also has the ability to check the call log and text messages without anyone knowing.


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