How to Hack My iPhone Through Text

How to Hack My iPhone Through Text

Is it possible to steal my iPhone’s password using messages sent via text?

Is it possible to steal my iPhone's password using messages sent via text?
Is it possible to steal my iPhone’s password using messages sent via text?

The iPhone is a prominent smartphone in the current mobile market. It is the sole non Android phone to remain competitive with the best Android manufacturers. While Apple claims that iPhone and iOS are the most secure platform for smartphones and tablets, hackers are aware of numerous vulnerabilities they can exploit to get your personal data. While we all text to our families and friends however, they are not used for hacking your phone. How can someone hack my iPhone by using text messages is one of the most asked questions on the internet? In this guide we’ll talk about the potential of iPhone being hacked via text , and the best ways to address it.

Part 1. Is it possible to steal my iPhone’s data through text?

Part 2 How to tell if you iPhone has been hacked through text

Part 3. Tips to Avoid iPhone Hacks through Text Message

Part 4. How to Hack Someone’s Mobile Without Accessing to It (iPhone X included)

Part 1.

Part 1.
Part 1.

Though Apple has been causing people to believe that iOS is the most secure mobile OS and isn’t vulnerable to hacking attempts, still hackers have found a way to hack iPhone through texts. Are there ways to hack my iPhone with texts? A malicious application known as Pegasus developed by NSO Group can hack iPhone using an iOS version that is older than 9.3.5 by sending a simple text.

Pegasus is installed automatically on the target’s device by sending a text message containing an attachment. Pegasus affects iPhone users through the transmission of all information about the target to hackers. Pegasus was developed in order to exploit the three flaws in iOS which is known as Trident. When Pegasus is installed on a target device the attacker has access to all information such as bank accounts emails accounts, contacts and messages. It is possible that it remains active when using iOS 9.3.5 or earlier. The good news is that Apple fixed the vulnerability with iOS 9.3.5.

Part 2. How to determine if your iPhone has been hacked through texts

You have the answer to the “can hackers hack my iphone via text?” question. Now it is time for you to be aware of the signs of a possible hack. Hackers may gain access to your iPhone’s personal information if it is compromised. This could be a disaster in the event that you’re a prominent figure in an enterprise. The hacking of your iPhone could expose your company’s secrets to the entire world, which could result in serious losses. These warning signs could alert you to a potential cyberattack.

– Unauthorized Jailbreak

Pegasus as well as other malicious programs are able to jailbreak your iPhone in order to send information to hackers. It’s possible that your phone was jailbroken with no knowledge. This could be an indication of malicious intent. A jailbroken iPhone is vulnerable to security flaws and allow the installation of dangerous apps without your consent. It is possible to make fun of the iPhone and could expose the private information of your iPhone.

– Receive Text Messages from Strangers

If your device is attacked by someone who uses text messages, they’ll send it instructions to monitor your actions in the form of text messages. These messages will be displayed as empty squares , or as special characters. These blank characters may be encoded instructions that were sent by the hacker to make it perform specific functions , like sending emails or messages of the targeted.

Unknown Use

A hacker can control an iPhone remotely using texts. This lets them send and receive text messages, make phone calls as well as take photos. If you notice a strange behaviour in the way your device is used like unknown calls in phone call history, then it’s a strong indication that someone else has made these calls.

The battery is draining faster

Your iPhone could be at risk of being hacked by a hacker if it drains faster than normal, even if the phone isn’t being used at all. A hacking application in the background that is constantly monitoring the target device will drain battery just like other resources.

Performance Degraded

As already discussed above as previously mentioned, malware running in the background will take resources for execution of its code and functions. There is a chance that your device is operating slower than it should be. However, the performance decrease can be experienced when applications or system updates are running in the background.

– Calls are interrupted during calls.

Unusual calls dropping out or interruptions in service could be indications that you’re being targeted. The issue could also be related to the service provider, in the event that this isn’t the scenario, it is possible that you were targeted by hackers.

Part 3. Tips to Be Watchful for iPhone Hacks through Text Message

Use to filter messages

On the app store, you will find numerous apps and services that will remove all text messages you receive. The apps that filter messages can block spam messages that may contain spyware or malware. Only reliable sources are allowed to send messages. All others will be blockable.

– Don’t Open Strange Messages

messages that contain malicious code or that could harm the device are generally shown as empty squares or characters. It is best to delete all text messages that can not easily accessible from the notification bar. You should not apply the code since it may put your phone at risk of being utilized by hackers to monitor your.

– System update

To ensure that no one is able to exploit security vulnerabilities to exploit security holes iOS, update the OS and firmware on your device. This has been really helpful in the event of Pegasus attack, when devices running iOS 9.3.5 version were left at the mercy of hackers. Pegasus used iOS’s trident vulnerability, which was later repaired by iOS 9.3.5. It’s also a good idea for iPhone users to update to iOS 9.3.5 if they have discovered other hacking techniques.

Beware of opening unidentified links

There is a way to hack the security of your iPhone using text. If you receive links to any email, text message, or online do not let your curiosity hinder you from open it. You could be caught in the web of hacker, and risk your life.

Part 4. Hacking someone’s phone without having access to it

The most frequently asked question for hacking iPhone remotely is “can someone hack my iPhone using text”. Other than malicious intent to hack into an iPhone or Android device There are other motives why hacking iPhone might be needed. Hacking iPhone is a good option for parents to check their children’s internet activity. Employers need to keep track of employees to ensure they don’t get distracted and ensure they are in control. Couples may require hacking the iPhone of their partner to ensure they aren’t being fooled by. TheTruthSpy is a spyware program that tracks the actions of people who are in similar circumstances.

TheTruthSpy lets parents and employers to monitor their children’s and employees’ activities on their iPhones. It can steal iPhone data , such as messages, call logs and web history.

Why we suggest this tool to hack iPhone and Android

– TheTruthSpy does not require jailbreaking the iPhone to start monitoring it.

The device can be remotely hacked iPhone information without having access to the device.

You can check call logs and text messages along with web history and contacts of your targeted.

TheTruthSpy is a tool that can spy on WhatsApp and Line messages.

Get TheTruthSpy App at: how to hack cell phone messages.

Steps to Hack Someone’s iPhone and Android Phone Data without Being able to tell

Step 1 Step 1: Create an account

Visit TheTruthSpy’s official site with your browser. After that, enter an email address that is correct and register an account.

To finish the setup process to complete the setup, you must enter the target’s name and date of birth. Choose your mobile device platform.

Step 2 Step 2: Install the Target Device

You can monitor iPhone texts, calls logs and history of location. All you need is an iCloud account on the desired iPhone device.

You will need an APK in case you’re an Android user. These steps are only for Android users only. Click on “Settings” and then “Security” to see if “Unknown Source” is turned on. If it is disabled, enable it to download the APK file. The APk file can be downloaded from TheTruthSpy’s website.

After you have installed the app on the device you want to install it and then log into the application using the same email address you used when making an account.

After you sign in after logging in, the app will ask you to grant permission. You have to grant all permissions, such as location. Select the “Start Monitoring” button. On the right side of this button, you’ll find the option of concealing an icon from the device you want to monitor. Select this option to have the app function in a hidden mode.

Step 3: Begin by hacking Android and iPhone data

In the end, you will be able to login to TheTruthSpy via your device or computer with the email address you registered on the target device.

Now you have complete access to the device you want. You can also track details like contacts, messages as well as location.


The TheTruthSpy is a good choice for people who want to track someone else’s data without being visible. In addition to tracking software, there are also numerous ways to collect data from other devices. It is possible to hack your phone by sending a text message. Due to advance technology and advanced security, both iPhone and Android devices can be hacked via text message.


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