How To Hack Whatsapp Online Messages Without Access To Phone

How To Hack Whatsapp Online Messages Without Access To Phone

3 Tips on How to Hack WhatsApp messages online

3 Tips on How to Hack WhatsApp messages online
3 Tips on How to Hack WhatsApp messages online

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. This app allows users to send text messages for free to their friends, or family members on the WhatsApp platform. You can also send images, videos, documents, and more. through this app. The messages that users send to other users are private between the user and no third person can view those messages. A lot of people are searching for a way to steal WhatsApp messages. This could be done for a variety of reasons, like the monitoring of employees or children. So, if you are among those people, here in this article we will provide you with some tricks that can make it simpler to hack WhatsApp messages without accessing a phone.

Part 1. How to hack WhatsApp Messages Online , No Survey with Access to Phone

Part 2. Hacking WhatsApp messages on Android phones through rooting it

– Part 3. How to Hack WhatsApp Messages for iPhone and Android using MAC Address

Part 1. How to Hack WhatsApp messages online, Without Survey and Access to Phone

Part 1. How to Hack WhatsApp messages online, Without Survey and Access to Phone
Part 1. How to Hack WhatsApp messages online, Without Survey and Access to Phone

Hacking WhatsApp messages from someone isn’t as easy as it appears. Hacking and spying used be about gaining access to the device in order to hack WhatsApp messages. With the advancement of technology, new tools are available to hack WhatsApp messages, such as TheTruthSpy.

TheTruthSpy allows you to track the actions of your Android or iPhone device. TheTruthSpy lets users monitor the activities of a person. It records the activity log of the person being targeted and sends it you through the internet. The Internet is necessary when you wish to hack WhatsApp messages from a user who is using TheTruthSpy. You can hack WhatsApp messages, and track messages, phone calls, video, photos browsing history, and other social media platforms as well as instant messaging applications.

Why should you choose this WhatsApp Messages Hack app:

You can track the calls to your phone and text messages sent by your target.

– Read IM and social media messages including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc..

– View the target’s web browsing history.

You can also look through photos or videos.

Download TheTruthSpy App for Hacking WhatsApp Messages Online at: TheTruthSpy WhatsApp Hack Tool Account.

How to Hack WhatsApp Messages on Android or iPhone

How do you spy on WhatsApp messages with out the target phone? It’s easy to do. We will look at the steps involved.

Step 1. Create TheTruthSpy Account

Sign up for a TheTruthSpy Account by going to the official site. Register for an TheTruthSpy account and then enter the name, the age and OS of the person you want to target.

Step 2. Configuration on Android and iPhone

Finalize the setup according to the OS of the target device.

Hack WhatsApp Message without having access to the phone. This is iOS system. You can monitor WhatsApp messages simply by entering your iCloud account or password of the device you want to hack and verify the authenticity of the account.

Hack WhatsApp messages online for free on Android Install the TheTruthSpy app and install it on your target device. Sign in with your account and then grant all the permissions for the app. Click Start Monitoring.

Step 3. Remotely Review WhatsApp Messages

Log in to TheTruthSpy after setting the device you want to target. The Dashboard to browse WhatsApp messages from the target device, so you can observe WhatsApp messages even when they’re not stored on your target phone.

Simply click on the “WhatsApp” option on iPhone.

In Android, first, click on “Social Apps” and then select WhatsApp.

Part 2. How to hack WhatsApp messages for Android phones by rooting the phone

The hacking technique described above for WhatsApp messages using TheTruthSpy is the best way to hack WhatsApp without having access to the target device. But it’s not the only method. In this article we’ve explained the steps to hack WhatsApp messages on Android by rooting it. TheTruthSpy mobile spy allows you to hack WhatsApp messages to anyone who has the phone that has been rooted. TheTruthSpy works on devices that have been rooted. However it is not possible for the messages to be delivered to your unrooted android device within the first 1-3 days.

How do you get access to WhatsApp messages by rooting your Android phone

Steps 1: First, install the Kingo Root app on the Android device and install it.

Step 2: Next start the application and click “One Click Root”. This will initiate the rooting process.

Step 3: After the device has been rooted and you have installed the “TheTruthSpy” app to the device.

Step 4: Launch the app to create an account. Log in using this account in and link your account to your device.

Step 5: Grant the superuser permission to access TheTruthSpy If asked by the device. The device will be tracked and all of its actions will be recorded, including WhatsApp.

Step 6: Login to Your TheTruthSpy Dashboard and then click WhatsApp to Read the WhatsApp messages of the person you want to target.

Part 3. How to hack WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android using the MAC address

Mac address Spoofing is a great way to hack WhatsApp messages for Android and iPhone. Mac Address is a 12-character ID that is assigned to each communication device. It is unique for each device. It is able to identify every device that is connected to the network. Hack WhatsApp messages by changing the Mac address of the target phone or iPhone. In addition, since you’re doing the hacking by yourself and don’t depend on any spying application, it is totally free.

Methods to hack WhatsApp Messengers on Android and iPhone Using Mac Spoof Method

Step 1: Go to the device that you are targeting, and note down the Mac address. Follow the below steps to get the Mac address of the target.

– iPhone > Settings> General> Wi-Fi Address

– Android > Settings > About Phone > > Wi-Fi Mac address

Don’t forget to remember your device’s Mac address.

Step 2: Uninstall WhatsApp from your device.

Step 3. Install WifiSpoof / MacDaddy X onto your iPhone or BusyBox/ Android Emulator and then change your Mac address with these apps.

Step 4: Next you need to install WhatsApp and type in the target’s number during setup.

Step 5: Use the Verification Code sent to the device you want to use and confirm it.

Step 6: Next, change your Mac address to your initial Mac address. Now , you will be able to receive messages, photos and videos from your person you want to contact.


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