How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Spy on iPhone Messages for Free

Spy on iPhone Messages for Free
Spy on iPhone Messages for Free

Security breaches are rising as never before. This makes it harder to take care of your family members as well as your family. As a worried parent or an older sibling, sometime it becomes imperative to be aware of the activities of the younger family members. You can keep your eye on them and be sure not to disrupt their lives by spying on texts sent via iPhones. You won’t know and they won’t tell you. They won’t even interact with anyone sending their harmful or offensive messages. You might also have the case that you believe your spouse or partner is cheating on you. It is possible to look on text messages from your spouse’s iPhone and get the fact. There are many programs and apps that help you cope with stress in circumstances similar to those.

Part 1. No cost applications to spy on iPhone text messages

– Part 2. How to track iPhone messages with the best software (with the guide)

Part 1. FREE Apps to Monitor iPhone Text Messages

Part 1. FREE Apps to Monitor iPhone Text Messages
Part 1. FREE Apps to Monitor iPhone Text Messages

There are many free apps in the market that allow you to monitor iPhone messages at no cost. This section will focus on iPhone apps that can help you track text messages. Let’s take a look at what these apps offer.

1. PhoneTracking

The app is able to spy on iPhone conversations and it is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Once you have activated the app, you are able to see the whole conversation. Checking out the iPhone of your children for clues. Once the iPhone is connected to PhoneTracking, you can log into to gain access to any data you need. It is also possible to remotely monitor the iPhone’s other activities. The program is running in the background and the user of the device won’t be able to discern that it’s being monitored.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5 votes.


Apart from spying on iPhone text messages PhoneTracking also collects information from WhatsApp messages such as phone calls, calendars etc.. •It also has the ability to circumvent Apple iMessage safety protocols.

It is possible to look over the history of your browsing history and downloads of your children’s iPhone with this application. You can limit their access to the internet through the control panel remote.

– You can also control which apps are installed and utilized on the device you want to. Remotely remove infected applications. In the event of iPhone is stolen, you can reformat its storage space.


– It circumvents iMessage security protocols to fetch it.

It is possible to accidentally erase useful information using the remote formatting feature.

2. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy lets you spy on iPhone messages, texts and Facebook messages. It also lets you to monitor other messenger apps and handles on social networks. This app can also be used to monitor the GPS position of the targeted device. Thus, when it comes for monitoring your employees or children, TheTruthSpy lets you gain the upper hand . And you will be allowed to fulfill your goal in a matter of minutes.

Rating: 3.1 stars out of five


The app comes with key logging features along with an easy-to-use interface.

It can be used by both Android OS phones as well as iOS.

It is accessible in a variety of languages to benefit people from various places.


If you don’t purchase the full version, you’ll only have a handful of options.

Customer support is insufficient.

3. Built-in method via iMessage

This method, as its name suggests, is an inbuilt method which can be implemented using your iPhone. This is an excellent method of monitoring iPhone text messages without paying anything. This technique allows each iOS device user to see the messages sent and received of the person you are targeting. These are the steps.

Get the target phone and open its Settings. Then, go to the Messages option and then select the Send and Choose to Receive option.

The iPhone spy app can read text messages for free

Click the “Add an Email” button now to input your email address. Now, take your device and monitor every message that’s delivered and received on the device you want to use, the iPhone.

Spy on iphone text messages gratis 2


– There’s no need to install any extra app to monitor the device of your target.


This method is not suitable intended for messages.

4. AppSpy offers iPhone surveillance for no cost

This iOS software is ideal to monitor iPhone text messages. AppSpy is highly regarded and followed by many satisfied clients. It is able to keep its top quality and reliable services. AppSpy is a fantastic software for spying. This application comes with many functions such as the ability to listen to. This incredible tool allows users to monitor the logs of calls, text messages locations, text messages, and calls. Keylogger feature which allows you to be aware of the passwords on the phone you want to trace.

Rating: 4.3 stars of 5


It can be hidden and offers customers 24/7 support.

The AppSpy guarantees 100% security and a money back guarantee as well.

Alert and notification functions will inform you of any abnormal activity is occurring.


The setting and activation process can be quite long and lengthy.

The software is slightly slower than its counterparts.

5. 6Spy

6Spy is a yet another option to help you spy on iPhone texts. The program also provides an all-inclusive package that is completely free. It lets you access calls, SMS, messenger applications, location services, and more. It’s safe to use.

Rating: 3.3 stars out of five


You can also monitor deleted messages but not yet stored on the device that you are trying to track.

6spy can support multi-user scenarios, which means that multiple devices can be accessed quickly.

It works with both Android and iPhone.


The interface is outdated.

Part 2. How to Spy on Messages on iPhone with the Best Software (with the Guide)

We’ve reviewed iPhone apps that allow you to watch texts and found the top ones. TheTruthSpy monitors allow you to remotely monitor the phone of your child or of your employee. Available for both iOS and Android monitoring on mobile devices This software is known to give the most effective performance. You can keep track of your employee’s phone or Android device as well as texts, calls, apps, and various types of data.

Important Features of TheTruthSpy

It is possible for employers to monitor employees’ schedules of work in a legally-sound manner.

It allows you to effortlessly monitor your kids when they are not there. This will ensure their safety. It also lets you check the level of battery on their smartphones and iPhones.

It can be utilized by a variety of browsers across different devices. You won’t be disappointed, regardless of whether you use it on your PC or Mac or mobile phone.

Remotely read the text messages of your Android/iOS device, as well as videos, photos and social media messages.

All phones are capable of recording about 29 kinds of data. With its synchronous tracking technology it’s easy to follow the GPS location and movements of your child.

Let’s review the entire guide on how to watch iPhone texts messages

Step 1: Create an account

Click”Try it Now” button at TheTruthSpy Best Android Text Message Spy App and signup using your email ID. When signing up, remember your ID/password that you selected.

Step 2 2. Install the iPhone

Register with TheTruthSpy and input your name, age, and mobile phone’s OS. You need to tap on the Apple logo at the lower right of the screen, and then click Next..

Step 3: Enter iCloud credentials

Enter the iCloud ID, password, and select Verify. After logging into the app, install it to the target iPhone and sign in with your ICloud credentials.

Step 4: Check out texts messages on iPhones

Now, go to any web browser with your iPhone/Mac/Windows/Android mobile and sign into TheTruthSpy control panel. The information will be displayed in the next window when you select Messages from the left side.


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