Spy Call

Like location spying, call spying is also very important. Spying on calls helps you to know who the person is talking to. People mostly use their cell phone for calling because of this spy call is a very important feature.

When you use Free Mobile Spy, you can spy on calls for free. You can check all the logs on the phone by using this feature.

About Spy Call

About Spy Call
About Spy Call

A free Spy Call feature of Free Mobile Spy helps you to check the call logs for free. You can check the type of the calls along with the caller’s information. It is a very useful spying feature.

You can use this feature to know who your kids are calling and who they talk to when you are not around. You can check the call duration to know how much time they are spending on trivial action like calling.

It is very helpful in case your kids are talking to the wrong people. You can use the remote control feature to block certain numbers on their phone.



A free Spy call provides other features than simply tracking the call logs on the phone.

  • Call Type: Spy Call feature helps you to track the call logs and check the type of the calls. You can check if it is a missed call, incoming call or an outgoing call.
  • Caller Details: You can also check the details of the caller. If the number is saved in the phone, you will be able to check the number, name, contact photo, email, and other details as well.
  • Call Duration: You can check the duration of each call. You can check how much time the person is spending on an individual call. You can check the date and time of each call.
  • Complete Call Logs: You will get complete call logs details. If the person deletes the call logs, you will still get the details. You can check the entire call logs list.
  • Block Numbers: You can use this feature to block numbers on the phone. If you find any suspicious number, you can block it remotely from the app.


How to Spy on Call?

How to Spy on Call
How to Spy on Call

It is very easy to spy on the call logs. To use the Spy Call feature, you have to download and install Free Mobile Spy first. By using this app, you will be able to spy on calls for free.

  • Register: This step is compulsory. You have to register your account with the spy app to use it. The link is on the website. You have to use it to create an account. Fill all the details correctly.
  • Choose Phone: In this step, you have to choose the type of phone it is. You also need to choose the model number and enter some details about the phone.
  • Setup Android: For setting up the app in android, you need the person’s phone. After you get the phone, change the settings. Then go to the website and download the app. After downloading, install the app on the phone. After installation, you need to sign in using the account credentials. The last thing is to delete browsing history.
  • Login: Now, you can use your own personal phone to log in to the account from the website.
  • Spy Call: You have to go with the Spy Call option from the dashboard to start spying on the calls.


This is how you can easily spy on the call logs and block numbers on the phone. You can use this feature for free with Free Mobile Spy.

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