How Do You Spy On Your Boyfriend's Facebook

How Do You Spy On Your Boyfriend’s Facebook

Stay on top of your Boyfriend’s Facebook page using TheTruthSpy

It is fact, that the moment you love someone deeply, if he cheats on you it can be a nightmare. The problem is even worse when you are unable to prove the person is cheating on you. It’s also unclear whether you have had an affair with a woman. You don’t have a reason to end the relationship and begin anew. There is no reason to share your life with a person that you do not think is the right fit for you. TheTruthSpy can solve your dilemma. The one thing your man uses to scam you is his phone.

Stay on top of your Boyfriend's Facebook page using TheTruthSpy

This software can allow users to access your man’s mobile phone without even knowing. We can safely say that this application is very useful. It allows you to keep a full view of the cell phone of your partner.

Get the most powerful and efficient features offered by TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is an acknowledged and well-known application to monitor your boyfriend’s movements. The mobile spy app can be installed on the victim’s smartphone in silent mode. It will track all activity, such as GPS locations and emails as well as call logs, history of calls and calendar updates.

Manage calls – TheTruthSpy will allow you to view all outgoing calls and incoming calls. It also allows you to view in a position to see their duration, timestamps, and timestamps. It lets you record each call using top quality MP3 file.

Track text messages– This application allows the user to read all multimedia as well as texts that were sent or received from the victim’s mobile phone. You can also access the messages that were deleted by the victim.

Track GPS location– next step is to follow the GPS location of your victim phone. You will be able to track where your boyfriend is and with whom he is.

Monitoring internet use being a girlfriend is a right to find out what your boyfriend is doing on the web and the type of website the latter uses. This feature lets you browse links used by the victim’s device. You can also monitor the history of your browser on the victim device to determine what the device has been up to online.

Reach address book and calendar You can also check every contact in the address books for your phone and track each calendar on your device’s calendar

It is possible to read instant messages – this trait allows users to save messages sent and received by the victim device on iMessages, Facebook, Skype and Viber.

View multimedia files– This device for monitoring cell phones lets you access the entire video or photo saved on the victim’s device. Every time your friend takes a picture and records a video with his camera phone, it will be instantly uploaded to your software account.

Study it- it’s extremely simple to implement the tracking software that will generate detailed reports on the device of the victim. This feature is able to be utilized by you to control and track multiple devices simultaneously.

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