How to spy on someone’s Facebook without touching their cell phone

How to spy on someone's Facebook without touching their cell phone
How to spy on someone's Facebook without touching their cell phone
Review: How to spy on someone's Facebook without touching their cell phone
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Way to spy on a Facebook account of a person without touching their phone

Facebook is today the one of the most used social media site and it has redefined the way of communication among the people. Using this app people is now communicating with each other free of cost and all they need is internet access to do so. Teens are the one who takes part in such social media sites and they use it more often to share the feeling and every single moment of their life. With abundant information about a person available on Facebook, the danger is also increasing. There are risks of cyberbullying and predator looking to harm innocent Facebook users.

Way to spy on a Facebook account of a person without touching their phone
Way to spy on a Facebook account of a person without touching their phone

So, if your teens are Facebook account holder and are sharing their information through this social media sites then you need to keep eye on them. We know not all teens are doing wrong things on Facebook but they may get involved in wrong activity only by interacting with the wrong person. Hence, you have to control their activity and protect them by using spy software.

Spy software is boon as they have saved many people’s lives and had helped them led on the right path. FreeMobileSpy is one such spy tool which can assist you in spying on the Facebook account of the kids. Also, it will let you monitor your child activity completely. Now, you need not touch your kid’s phone when they are bathing and try to see what they doing on phone. You can see what they are doing on their phone without physically accessing their phone!

It is convenient to use this app if your kids are naughty as well as simply trust anyone. Kids who make unknown Facebook friends and share things are in danger and you may never know but someone may misuse their shared data for their own greed. Hence, you need to stop your kids from chatting and sharing things with the unknown people.

How to spy on Facebook using FreeMobileSpy

How to spy on Facebook using FreeMobileSpy
How to spy on Facebook using FreeMobileSpy

If you have never ever used spy apps and wish to know how to make use of one then you can read further to know it. Here we will see that using FreeMobileSpy how can you spy! So, first of all, you need to visit ( when you click on the link you will reach the webpage of the FreeMobileSpy where you will be offered this spy app for free. You can free download as well as install this app and then you can open it to make the account.

Accessing the account and fill the details of the personal device you wish to spy. Make sure you know the name of the phone, its version, phone number, target person’s DOB and name! Submit the filled details and the software will run to access the target phone. Once it is hacked you will be able to see that activity of the person on your control panel.

You will also be able to use it Facebook spy feature which will let you discover Facebook activity of target person. You will be seeing all the chats or conversation of the target Facebook user with name and date. Also, you can see the archived or deleted messages. Also, you can see the shared media files and the friends lists, pages followed, searched people and other things. You can block the accounts on Facebook with which you don’t want your kids to interact. Also, you can restrict their Facebook usage so that they only focus on studies. Your kids will thus, remain safe from cybercrime.

Now let us see that what else this spy software can record!

You can download FreeMobileSpy at:

Features of FreeMobileSpy

Record location– to record the location of target phone you are offered GPS tracker. Kids who are naughty and simply run away from home without telling you where they are going can be monitored easily. You can monitor your little ones and see that whether they are at a safe location or not. You can create a geo-fencing so that you will come to know when your kids move into the risky zone from the safe zone. You can locate their phone and see the date and time of the place they visited. You can also watch their live activity and get to know everything about their present as well as past location.

Call recordingyou never know but your son or daughter may have girlfriend or boyfriend. They may talk to their love when you are not around but you must be curious to know about their love. Hence, using this feature is best as you can record the conversation of your son or daughter taking place through calls. You will come to know that your son or daughter have a good girlfriend or boyfriend or are they just playing with your kid’s heart.

Instant messenger tracker-instant messages of WhatsApp, Facebook messenger can be tracked using this feature. You can see what kind of conversation they are having with their boyfriend or girlfriend and also, if you see that your kid loves a wrong person who doesn’t even care for their feeling then you can stop them. You need to stop them as you know that your kids deserve better and you need to teach them to have patience as well as identify who can be the right person to love.

Keylogger– this is a special feature which can be used when a target person forgot his/her password. You can record all the password, patterns and keystrokes made by target person on his device. You can keep the recorded pattern for future use and in case the target device changes his password then you will be notified about it.

Photo & video tracker– your kids must be hiding some interesting photos of them with their lover. You might be curious to see that what kind of pictures your son/daughter take with their girlfriend/ boyfriend. Using this feature you can see the hidden photos of their phone. You can see all the photos/ videos which they had recorded, captured or downloaded on their phone. The deleted ones if you wish to see then that also you can view with the help of this spy software.

Ambient listening– when your son/daughter is not using the phone but still you wish to know what they are doing at that time the best option you are left with is to make use of this feature. This feature lets you record the surrounding sounds around the target phone and you will come to know what is happening around the phone. So, if your son/ daughter is having a romantic conversation with their GF/BF then you can listen to it. Also, if they are arguing or fighting then you will come to know about the issue and you can tell them what is wrong and right for them.

Contact history spy- you want to know how often the number is dialed or call is received by the particular number on your kid’s phone! Well then check the contact history of the target phone and you will be able to see the recent calls, missed calls, etc. you can also block the contacts using spy software so that your kid cannot talk to the person whom you don’t want them to talk.

App use tracker- your kid’s phone may have a bunch of applications this may include study apps, game apps, photo apps, social media apps. All these apps are when and for what duration are used can be recorded using this feature. You will thus, come to know that which app is consuming more of their time and energy. Once, you analyze their app usage you can restrict them from using those apps which is causing hindrance in studies and which are waste!


So, did you get it that how useful is this software and how simple life becomes with the use of such software? You can remain updated about your kid’s activity and also, you come to know what they like and what they dislike using this software. You can see that which cloth he/she looking at online shops which novel he/ she read online. In this way, you become very well aware of the interest of your kids.

Not only this! You can spy on your wife/ husband too! You can see what they are doing and what they are hiding from you. You can know if they are stressed because of office load or if they had something in their mid but not letting you know. He/she might have some problems which they might not share with you but you want to know then in this case FreeMobileSpy is the right choice. Use it and you will come to know what is in their mind, why he/she remains stressed and irritated.

We hope now you will use FreeMobileSpy and learn more about your loved ones through their activity on their phone. You will surely be benefited and you can always be on their sides when they actually need you. So, be ready to fulfill your duty as a good husband/ wife or parents.


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