How to spy on someone’s Instagram without touching their cell phone

How to spy on someone's Instagram without touching their cell phone
Review: How to spy on someone's Instagram without touching their cell phone
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What makes spying someones Instagram without touching their cell phone possible

You can find tons of social networking applications these days that claim to offer a good platform so as to perform social activities. Instagram after Facebook and WhatsApp is becoming one among those highly used applications. This internet pedestal photo and video sharing application have gained popularity recently because of the features. The user can not only post a picture or send videos but also follow someone’s Instagram account so as to stay updated with his or her recent posts.

What makes spying someones Instagram without touching their cell phone possible
What makes spying someones Instagram without touching their cell phone possible

Since, opening an Instagram account includes only username, phone number, and password; anyone can do it easily without any assistance. When this social networking site offers incredible benefits to users, what becomes a reason for the title- spy someone’s Instagram without touching their cell phone? Read it below.

You are very well acquainted with the fact that through media, there could be lots of things that can be done. This opens doors for unwanted activities such as cyber bullying and illegal activities such as watching adult content. Is your kid or spouse is on Instagram? Are your loved ones addicted to Instagram features? If it is a big “YES” then it is a sure sign that he or she would fall into social media pitfall any day. Worried? What you should do in such cases- simply make use of FreeMobileSpy app.

FreeMobileSpy – Best way to spy on someone’s Instagram account

FreeMobileSpy - Best way to spy on someone's Instagram account
FreeMobileSpy – Best way to spy on someone’s Instagram account

There are tons of alternative present on the web that assist spying guide. If you wish to waste your time checking every single hacking tool, then you can skip this article now. However, you want to get a powerful and incredible spying tool with lots of features without the tension of downloading it on the suspect account, then go with FreeMobileSpy.

It is not only powerful software that offers the best features to their users with smooth spying assurance but also the only app that can afford for free. This means you don’t have to pay anything. There would be no tension of what if you fail to pay the subscription package fee. Virtual spying from your cell phone can be done in easy steps so as to keep in touch with suspect activities. It comes under the easiest to handle and suitable software used for spying on the Instagram account.

You can read all the steps that need to be followed so as to spy on the Instagram account using the FreeMobileSpy from the site. You first need to download and install the software on your device (Android, iPhone, Nook, etc) by clicking on the link (

The next step is to register yourself that means an account needs to be created using little information about you and suspect. You will be asked to fill the space with suspect cell phone number and name.

Once the app is mounted well on your device and account gets created using a reliable password that is easy to remember. You are supposed to call the suspect. The call will enable linking your and suspect device that paves the path for easy spying.

You can download FreeMobileSpy at:

After all this, you need to wait for a few minutes so that the app can be set up at the back of the device. The app will run in stealth mode that means the suspect won’t be caught you at the time of spying.

The next thing to do is visit your account and fill the space using username and password. Once logged in, you can land on the available dashboard or interface with a drop-down list of features. The features allow you to access suspect Instagram account and peep into the gallery along with all recent post.

Features of FreeMobileSpy

The FreeMobileSpy holds some of the incredibly designed and best features as measured up to other spying apps. It usually utilizes high-tech device monitoring system that is powerful and capable of recording almost every single bit about the suspect. The basic feature of FreeMobileSpy for Instagram hacking is-

You got all access over the activities happening on the Instagram account of the suspect. You can even see the suspect likes and comments.

The FreeMobileSpy stores and records information or data straightaway from the suspect Instagram account. This could include images and videos that got shared on the account by the suspect. You will get a separate control panel or serve where everything gets stored for later viewing.

Apart from recorded or saved information or data, you get details such as name and number as well as the email address of the suspect along with followed people.

Can you imagine all these could be done without touching suspect cell phone in a few minutes? Of course not, if you still don’t believe in it, you can experience it by downloading it. You can download it on your iPhone or Android device. You can use the hidden option so as to hide all the saved data from the suspect. Do this easy to install and easy to operate app has other features? Yes!

Other services of FreeMobileSpy

Call recording this is the best and most used feature of this FreeMobileSpy app. You can record all the live calls made or received by the suspect. The ability to record and save each and every call using gets followed in one click. You will be facilitated with alert or notification when anything happens on the suspect device. You are free to get back on user-friendly control panel anytime and hear all the calls. This way you can save your near and dear ones from outside threat and dangers.

GPS tracker the GPS location tracker feature is the most important and best feature available till date offered by any of the top hacking application. You can track a suspect in located geographical location and see what all places he or she visits. An eye can be kept on target with information like what’s the place he or she stays or how much time he or she spends at that specific location.

Alerts and notifications- every time the suspect performs any activity on his or her device you get a notification or alert on your device. All the activities get recorded on your control panel so that it can be viewed as a future reference. No matter whether the target phone is locked or he or she is operating it, you will still get notifications and alerts. This way the chances of missing things get avoided and you are left with real-time data from the suspect device.

Monitor internet activities- the time spend by the suspect on the internet as well as the sites visited by the suspect gets traced using this feature. You can see whether your kid is really studying or watching adult content such as porn. The social media is filled with both good and bad content. This means no each and every individual can access content as per their choice. Bad content usually gets more popularity compared to good content because it gives pleasure and you don’t have to put efforts. You can view it at any time. These all activities get tracked using the internet hacking feature.

SMS spying the FreeMobileSpy can spy on SMS messages which have been received or send from the suspect device. SMS texting is so common that anyone can afford it at a considerable amount of charge. Messages details such as the time, date and content of messages can be monitored well using this feature offered by FreeMobileSpy. Even the deleted messages from both suspect and another person side can be spied using this special feature.

Ambient voice recorder- this unique feature offered by the FreeMobileSpy allows you to know information surrounding the suspect. For example, when the suspect is on call, the noise in the surrounding allows you to know the background. Recording of the noise and its hearing in real time is possible. No other app gives this feature other than FreeMobileSpy.

Spy on WhatsAppsocial media is getting highly trendy and in a fashion that works well on all devices. You can share images, messages, calls, and videos using them. However, if you wish to know the content mentioned above then this feature can help you. The user can record messages with time and date stamp on the control panel for later use. Since most of the conversation gets done on the social media you have huge opportunity to collect useful information from it.

Detect lost phones- yes, you can detect your lost or misplaced cell phone using this feature. Many times it is seen that people forget where they have kept his or her cell phone; so in this case, you can make use of this feature. On the other hand, if you have just lost the cell phone, instead of crying for it just install and download this app to detect your lost phone.


The FreeMobileSpy tool has numerous benefits and features that can be accessed anytime no matter whether its day or night. So, visit the link mentioned and download to safeguard your data or loved ones.


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