How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Track Location of A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

Are you in doubt that your partner lies to you? He/she go and meet someone else without your knowledge. Or your kids bunk the class and go out with their friends. Or your employee roams outside in your absence. Are these questions causing trouble for you? Well, get one foolproof solution to check out their location.You don’t have to go after them to know where they go in your absence, simply sit at your home and check out everything. How is that possible? Read out to know about it.

Track Location of A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

Track Location of A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

Yes, it is possible to know their whereabouts in a few minutes. Technology has made everything possible. The invention of spy applications has made this task easier. Now,  you can check the location of anyone easily without them knowing. Spy apps are the incredible and amazing invention of the present era. It can do things beyond your imagination which was not possible earlier.

Learn about spy apps

Spy apps are a simple application that is made to check the activities of other gadgets. It does it without communicating with that device. The spy apps work exclusively on the gadget of your choice. Various apps are specifically designed for particular devices such as Android or ios. However, these apps are not popular because of less compatibility. Free phone spy is compatible with every device. One doesn’t have to worry about the operating system.

Spy apps are built in with features which help the user in tracking the location and other information. Free phone spy is also built with surprising features. Use of these features is allowed to those who have the account with FreeMobileSpy. Yes, users have to become a registered customer of the FreeMobileSpy. It is completely free to register and anyone can do it. Free phone spy will ask information related to you such as name, email and contact number to contact you.

A username and password have to set in order to register. After completion of the formability, one becomes the user of FreeMobileSpy. It will be allowed to access all the latest and updated features of FreeMobileSpy. They will receive the desired information anytime they wish.

What are its features

Before, registering with free phone spy, learn about its features. Here is a short description to tell you what FreeMobileSpy can do for you.

  • Trace location– you are here for the purpose of knowing the location and FreeMobileSpy do it very smartly. It is connected with GPS and fetch the location. No matter where the device is it can still send you the details of their place. The information will be either send via notification or message alerts to your registered mobile number and FreeMobileSpy account.
  • Trace messages– other than tracking location it can trace the text messages. The text messages are the basic way of communication. It can be traced easily and all the basic information you need along with the content of messages will be sent to you. Read the content of all incoming and outgoing messages. Moreover, you can read those in drafts.
  • Trace social media accounts– the world is communicating mostly on social media. We spend a lot of our time there thus knowing what is happening there is very important. Know what is going in the virtual life of your kids, employees, and partner. Check what they do there and what they share.
  • Trace their calls– if you wish to listen to the calls made from the device then FreeMobileSpy has that feature as well. It will give you access to listen to calls. The audio files will be recorded by FreeMobileSpy in a good quality audio file which can listen later on.
  • Record ambient voice– freephone spy can record the surrounding voice which can help you a lot in knowing about the conversation of others when they are not in the call.
  • Trace their media files– the data that is saved on their phone storage and gallery is also accessible to the users. Check out their gallery.
  • Trace their password– with the use of keylogger software one can trace the password. No need to download the software separately as it is inbuilt in free phone spy. It will capture each keystroke and send you the password or message typed on the device.
  • Trace their browsing history– the browsing history of your kid’s device will help you in knowing their surfing habits. If you find them wrong then block the websites. Yes, block the unused and improper applications and websites from your kid’s device without telling them.


These features are in high demand and you will not get them in one single app but free phone spy has it. Go to to get the app.

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Track Location of A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing. You are here for the purpose of tracking the location real-time and FreeMobileSpy do it very smartly.

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